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Co-Host / Producer / Legend

I like to think that I offer a unique and interesting perspective of the world around me. From a very young age on, I was captured within the mesmerizing glow of videogames and I have yet let go. This has expanded into a love for all types of games, an interest in gadgets, and a love for beer. Yeah... yet another nerdy guy that loves craft beer. Where are my deal with it shades at? Those interests drive my tastes and opinions and are what inspired me to make this podcast in the first place! This whole experience has allowed me to come out of my shell a little bit and I really get pumped up by creating something that not only people enjoy but can also find entertaining. When I'm not working on the show I'm either slogging through a book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, playing something Nintendo related, or enjoying married life, many kudos to my awesome wife for putting up with me. These are my thoughts, enjoy the ride.


Co-Host / Editor / Myth

When Jason first asked me to write a biography of myself for the website, "I said sure! No problem!". That was 6 months ago. I'm addicted to gaming of all sorts, video and board mostly. My brain apparently requires a stimulating distraction at all times. However, when I'm not procrastinating or making dumb jokes that no one should find funny, I'm usually trying to do something that let's me use my creative energies, such as writing or drawing, or even this here podcast! But one of my biggest passions is also my career, I love film and most everything to do with filmmaking, except the laborious stuff like the lifting and the sweating. Beyond that I have a wonderful wife who supports me, emotionally as well as financially, throughout all my endeavours, a smelly dog who interrupts the podcast whenever he feels like it, and a drive to do something more with life (if lazy people could be considered to have drives). These are our successes, our struggles, recorded and presented to you in the oldest form of


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