serverThat things haven't been quite themselves lately.

You'd be right.

As I mentioned during this weeks episode, we have migrated to a new host, which is giving me my first experience of being a server admin.

It's a nightmare.  

Things had been running smoothly, and then SSL went ahead and destroyed everything.  The good news, it seems to be fixed.  

For now.

If the site is not loading for you, clear your cache, and then restart your browser.  That should take care of things.  If you are browsing the site with an https:// prefix, that you are in the right spot.  Unfortunately, encrypting things also destroyed our podcast feed, which then in turn broke the website all over again.  As of now, it should be working.  If you notice an issue with any of our feeds, please reach out to Lucas or myself.  Many thanks to Graham for bringing the first issue up to us, definitely appreciate it.

Now that I can enjoy the weekend I'm going to be away from this website as much as possible, that means don't break it!

In other related Fluxtaposed news, we did shoot another spectacular Battle of the Beer episode for you to enjoy.  Look for it sometime next week.  Beyond that, we hope you guys are enjoying this new Fluxtaposed web experience, why not buy a shirt? 😀

Anyways, stay fancy and I'll see ya next time.




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