In my early and mid twenties, I definitely was dreading the approach of my third decade.  In my adult life, all I had ever known or experienced took place in the range of my twenties.  I was entering into uncharted territory for the first time.  The issue that I, at least personally, imposed upon myself? This is the age range where society says “you need to be a mature adult now….”  I know, pure blasphemy!

As we age, we are always looking to fulfill our need to belong and to be accepted.  We want to fit in and not step too far outside those societal “norms.”  This certainly doesn’t apply to every individual, but merely is the route I took through my adolescence.  There finally will come a time during development where you realize that none of that matters.  What truly matters, is how you feel within.  The only real opinion of any worth, is the one you carry about yourself.  We will all reach that point at different stages, some younger, some older, but once we do, it is liberating.  I had thought I had already reached that point years ago, but it wasn’t until I met the woman that is now my wife and settled into more of a structured lifestyle that I’ve really discovered who I am.  It’s fantastic. I’m a responsible person, a logical person, a “fixer” as my wife claims.  I look after my family and will take care of what needs to be done, but also as part of the Lacy bloodline deems necessary, my inner child lies just beneath the surface.  I still love Star Wars, Lego, video games, and a more recently discovered passion, beer.  Not just the action of consuming it, but the work that goes into it.  I’ve always wanted a hobby that allowed me to create something and brewing has been the one that really fits for me.  Now  I haven’t been able to brew as many of these delicious liquids as I would like, but I can still learn about the hobby and study to further my technique.  Will my beer be the best you’ve ever tasted?  Probably not, but to me, it’s damn good and that’s what matters!  These are just a few of the things that I have a passion for.  Obviously the subject matter found within this site domain follows these guidelines.

I’ve made many mistakes in 30 years.  I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends, and I’ve reconnected with others.  Think of yourself as a huge slab of stone.  Each mistake, victory, and just attempt you make in life is like hitting a hammer against chisel on that slab.  It slowly shapes you into something beautiful over time.  The end result will not be perfect but it will be unique and something to celebrate.  I’m not proud of everything I’ve done, but I won’t hide it, or carry shame because of it.  Those things happened for a reason and made me who I am today.  I’m proud to share the things I’m passionate about and not afraid to hide them. Here’s to the beginning of the unknown, the start of my thirties.  While my twenties were filled with immaturity, parties, self-discovery, and lots of adventure, the thirties look to be even brighter.  Here’s to home ownership, the raising of a family, and establishing a lifestyle of love and happiness for those closest to me.  I can’t wait to share another ten years with everyone.  Let’s make a pact to keep our chisels in hand.  Pick up those hammers, and swing away.


    • Thank you, I always appreciate any sort of feedback. I’ll try to start creating more like this, I just have to have the right topic/mood hit me.

  • Way to put to words what a lot of people feel. Last mont, I hit the halfway point between 20 and 30 and I think about how I have grown and matured. The conclusion I come to involves more of a self-maturation instead of being a product of my environment. I have loved and lost and I have met some amazing individuals, including yourself. We’ll have to grab some brew sometime in the near future. See you on the ice!

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