Knowing that the iOS library for games was pretty vast, I had yet to play anything on my iphone that really grabbed my attention.  Browsing the selection of apps, using the charts and features as my guide, I finally decided to download #sworcery.  Before I get too far into it, let me cover some of the facts.

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Sworcery is an indie adventure game created by Superbrothers and Capybara Games, with the music created by Jim Guthrie.  You will also see it posted by the full title, Superbrothers:  Sword & Sworcery EP, and it was originally released on iOS April 27th, 2011.  Currently you can find it on just about every platform, so there really isn’t much of an excuse for you not to be able to play it.  You play the hero trying to right the current state of the world.  I would also like to add that the lead character is also female, so kudos to that.

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I jumped into the game during Thanksgiving break, and I was really consumed by it.  I must be a sort of nostalgic gamer, keeping a special place in my heart for all things 8 to 16 bit.  This is what I think drew my attention in the first place, the art style.  The game just looks pretty.  The forest has this relaxing look to it that helps set the mood.  It really compliments the best part of the experience, the music.


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I can’t really go into much detail regarding the sound.  You just need to experience it.  Plug in a decent set of headphones and enjoy.  I have full intentions to buy the vinyle EP and it comes with a digital copy of the soundtrack as well.  Perfect.  The puzzles and gameplay tend to play into the rhythm of the tunes, so enjoy them.

My only complaint comes with the controls.  Touch controls aren’t going to be perfect.  There are many interactions that the game creates though that make the controls unique and fun.  The issue I ran into while playing on an iphon were at times the area that I needed to touch was so small, my beastly man fingers couldn’t easily make contact without hitting space that was incorrect.  Minor at best.

Sworcery boasts that social interaction will create cooperation in the game.  Built in is a Photo Jan 28, 10 39 51 PMfeature to tweet certain segments of text spoken by the characters in the game.  This is a novel way to share your progress with others, one that I definitely took advantage of.  However, I still have not managed to get any sort of response using the #sworcery tag on twitter.  The interwebz seem more content to just share taglines from the game.  I was really hoping to get some conversation going from other players to see what they enjoyed about the game as well.  I do wonder though, is this just because I got into the game so late after its initial launch?

Go ahead and give the game a try.  Explore the sights and sounds.  Listen to the dog and meet the woodsman.

Don’t cheat, or the game will know.  Let me know what you think and share your experience in the comments.

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