So after wrestling with website integration with WooCommerce for our shop, we decided to go another route. Our new link will take you to our brand spankin' new Fluxtashop on Storenvy. I just want to reiterate the intentions of this store. Here at Fluxtaposed, we have a few things going on that you may or may not be aware of, such as the podcast itself, obviously, Battle of the Beer, and some gaming related content as well. We would like to bring you more of this content, and will still continue to even if you don't buy from the store. However, we would love to be able to up our production value and justify spending more time and money on bringing content to you.

When you buy something from the shop you not only support us by looking awesome in your new gear, you also contribute to our funds that go towards things like production equipment and supplies for video content. We aren't making a living off selling you stuff, we are just trying to raise funds with your help. I just want to be completely transparent with why we have opened a store. That said, if you've been waiting to purchase some Fluxtaposed gear, now's the time! Thanks for all your support Fluxtafriends, and enjoy.

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