Part 2 of the thrilling Shadowrun conversation I had with the amazing Lucas Rose!

Part 2

Now with Shadowrun, I cannot honestly say that I was fully aware that it was set in a cyberpunk world. To add to that point, until I sat down to think about the points I wanted to talk about tonight, I realized how much I enjoy that style/genre. I obviously like Blade Runner, I like a lot of Harrison Ford movies anyway, but I have always liked that movie. Another popular work in current culture would be Pacific Rim. At least how they portray Hong Kong. It looked like your typical cyberpunk setting. Here are the requirements: it always has to be raining, it’s dark, it’s a little grim, and there are neon lights everywhere. A piece of software that borrows heavily from some Shadowrun themes would be Dystopia. A source mod I used to frequently play years ago. There was a class in that game very similar to a decker. The player would hack into a terminal found on the map and it would basically transition into a Lawnmower Man style VR. You could fight other hackers while inside that world but you basically would want to hack into the opposing teams data located on the opposite side of that VR session.

So you would have to get to the end of the network?

Right. At that point there was a target for you to hack or destroy. I can’t quite remember exactly, it’s been so long.

That’s cool though, at least an interesting mechanic to balance with everything else in the game.

If you were defeated inside the VR, it wouldn’t kill your character, but it would kick you off the terminal. You are completely defenseless while you are in the process. Your avatar is just standing there with a big target on it’s back.

Someone could just come up behind and shoot you. I’m sure that happened a lot.

Now back on the topic of Shadowrun. The first time I actually heard of that, was when you were working on your flash animation.

That horrible flash animation.

So you had obviously played the tabletop, but what was your first experience with the IP?

My first experience with Shadowrun, that I remember, was the Sega Genesis version.

So you actually played the 16-bit game?

Yeah. That experience has actually stuck with me up until now. I still listen to the music from time to time.

I’ve watched some gameplay of the SNES version. I wanted to see what it was about and if this newest game drew any inspiration from the past incarnation.

Gross, I hate that one.

So you’ve played them both?

Well, I played the Super Nintendo version much later, but yeah, I’ve played both versions.

Are they the same game, just ported to the different consoles?

Nope, that’s what I thought originally too. Two completely different games. Personally, I prefer the Sega version. It’s much more action oriented, where the SNES version is more like a click-and-point adventure. You have a mouse cursor that you have to position to click on objects and to attack enemies. It’s almost like Shadowrun Returns in a way. You’re moving around in an environment, yet you have to open cabinets and search inside of objects. With a controller, that is just harder than a keyboard/mouse setup.

So on the Genesis you could just walk up and press a button?


Do you remember what your character name was in that? The only reason why I ask this, is because based on the video I’ve watched, I’m pretty sure the first NPC you team up with in Shadowrun Returns is that character from the SNES game.

It is, yup. Jake Armatage.

Ok, because you pull him out of the morgue in this game and in the SNES, that’s how the game starts. With you waking up in a morgue.

That game is just confusing to me. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. So I don’t even know why that is referenced. So it must be you learn how he survives as you play that game.

So you played the tabletop version of the game sometime after your console experience?

Yep, I got my hands on it around the 4th edition. I think what I own right now is the 4th edition. I’ve played with quite a few people and have GM’d a few campaigns. Problem was, that we just had too many people playing at once time. It was kind of a mess.

And then you were creating your flash animation based on the campaign that you were playing?

Yeah, I think that was what I originally had planned when I set out to create it. I still have that animation actually. I saved it. It’s horrible. It centers around that kid, remember, the one playing basketball? I lost a lot of it though, probably half of what I had done. So it’s disappointing that I don’t have the full version of what I had created thus far.

Oh right, and then it flashes to the sniper on the rooftop. After that, there was some sort of “suite” type character?

Yeah, it was, the guy with the purple hair… Mr. Davis or something like that. That character was created specifically because I was playing around with doing the game over the internet. With the software, you could do your dice rolls inside of it and everything else. He was there for an interaction inside of that test campaign. just filler material. Another runner group to compete with the players. It’s been so long now, I can’t quite remember.


But yeah, the whole project started because I ran that tabletop game for maybe 3 or 4 sessions. Then after that, we just never played again. It was too hard to organize with all of the group dynamics due to the number of players involved.

Part 3 will be posted later this week, I hope!

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