Rockford Brewing sign.

On a cold and rainy day in January, also known as today, my wife and I made the short trip to the Rockford Brewing Company for lunch.  Now much like any new brewing establishment, I have this urge in my very core that screams out YOU MUST VISIT.  So I had been looking forward to making my way here.

The layout of the building is a little bit interesting.  The front half is some type of restaurant/deli, while the brewery resides in the back.  The two buildings are not connected.  Once inside, I have to say that I love the decor.  The main tap area was small in size, but quite large in charm.  Wood character throughout and the main seating consisted of bench tables.  There is an upstairs section, much like the Hideout Brewery, but we sat on the main floor.  There was a laid back jazz playlist on during our stay, which really set a relaxed mood.  I love jazz, so I wasn’t complaining.

Tap handles.
Tap handles.
Photo Jan 13, 1 15 29 PM
Side entrance shot.









There are currently nine beers on tap, two of which are a nitro variety.  I decided to sample all nine.  If you are going to sample one, why not sample them all?


A few select brews that stood out to me:

Carriage House – IBU 23, 5.9 ABV

Hoplust IPA (my favorite) – IBU 70, 7.1 ABV

Sheehan’s Irish Stout – IBU 40, 5.3 ABV

I can’t say that there was a bad beer in the bunch.  None that stuck out to me in a negative way that is.  The food menu consisted primarily of warm/cold subs.  We had an appetizer of whitefish dip and bagel chips.  This was awesome!  I would recommend you to try it.  I ended up with the Rabbi sub.  It’s a warm pastrami sandwich with some standard fixings.  I thought the portion size was great, as was the flavor.  Note, you will see your orders coming in from outside (unless you are upstairs), which is due to the separate buildings.

Parking lot view.
Parking lot view.
Bar view.
Bar view.









Location info:

Rockford Brewing Company
12 E Bridge St
Rockford, MI 49341
(616) 951-4677

I really enjoyed my visit to RBC and would definitely make a trip back to grab another pint. Let me know what your experience is.



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