So after a completely demoralizing and absolutely catastrophic loss to the St. Louis Blues last night, I need to get my mind onto something positive.  Let’s talk about beer.

As previously mentioned within these heralded pages, I brewed an imperial stout about a week ago.  This was my first batch after a brief hiatus from the hobby.  I had to get married, get moved, and get settled first before I could really throw myself back into the craft.  I’ve always been a stout and IPA lover so tackling my first imperial stout was a no-brainer.  This batch will also be the highest in gravity that I have ever attempted.

So let’s get into some of the specs here:

Recipe Type: Extract

Yeast: White Labs Irish Ale

Yeast Starter: none

Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter:none

Batch Size (Gallons): 5

Original Gravity: 1.099

Final Gravity: 1.028

IBU: 25

Boiling Time (Minutes): 60

Color: 42 SRM

Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 8-10 days at 65-70

Additional Fermentation: bottle condition for 10-14 days

Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 5-7 at same

Tasting Notes: Great Tasting Beer. The brown sugar helps to bring out the chocolate tones.

My good friend Lucas and I tackled this beast last Saturday.  Oddly enough, we had zero issues come up during the process.  No boil-overs, no issues with the starter, great fermentation; perhaps I’m finally starting to learn from past mistakes and excel at the craft. We will really find out for sure when this beer is ready for tasting.

My sanitation station and brew kettle.
My sanitation station and brew kettle.

So why the name Neverwinter you may ask?  It sounds so utterly amazing and entices my taste buds to indulge in imperial stouty goodness.  Well, that was exactly the point.  In reality though, this is a homage to the popular RPG Neverwinter Nights, from my childhood.  If I remember correctly, at that time we actually had a Wizard’s of the Coast store at my local mall, I believe I purchased my copy directly from that store.  It was a little ahead of it’s time, I feel that it would be a much better fit in the current marketplace. With GEEKDOM being much more accepted in the public eye of media/entertainment/etc.

Box art for Neverwinter Nights.

So, I wanted to name the beer something that would inspire the image I saw in my head.  Cold and miserable winter nights, the wind, the frost, the snow, it all chips away at the core of the adventurer’s sole.  Exhausted from battle, longing to recharge, what better way to recall gloried tales then over a warming pint of hearty stout.  Grab your battle axe, grab your chain mail, and down a Neverwinter Stout.

Steeping the delicious grains.
Steeping the delicious grains.

So the brew process has been completed and wort is burping, bubbling, and fermenting away.  In a few more days I’ll get it transferred over to the secondary and get some pics of the lovely color.




You need to chill out.
You need to chill out.


Brewing in my new apartment was a different experience, and with the smaller space, the aroma invades all areas of the apartment.  I absolutely love it.  Lucas, thanks for your help in brewing, it definitely made for a great way to spend a Saturday.

In conclusion:

Yeast Starter Learned….CHECK

Epic Imperial Stout….CHECK

Sharing a great hobby with friends….CHECK

Epic blog post….CHECK

Finished product, fermenting away.
Finished product, fermenting away.


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