Dark Forces

I have a high level of dumb excitement for the upcoming release of THIS remaster of Dark Forces:

A long time ago, in a shopping mall far, far away….

I remember walking into a store like this:

Starting at row upon row of PC boxes, wishing they could be mine. There was now e-commerce yet, you went to a brick and mortar store and actually bought the physical goods you wanted (I’ve since then have very much embraced our digital overlords). Could I but this game? No. I had no money and on top of that, we had a Mac at home when I was kid. Why wouldn’t this work for us? It’s a “personal computer”, what’s the difference?? To be honest, I don’t know why it was so hard to find a Mac copy, but I eventually did, and I loved it!

I brief access to Doom, and Wolf 3D via a family member’s IBM computer, and fully enjoyed the limited experience of shareware. This was my first FPS experience, and would you believe I used the mouse for movement?!? Wild times back in the 90’s! I was thrilled with being in the shoes of Kyle Katarn and stealing those Death Star plans! This is how it happened OMG! Then retcons and new canon later, we have Rogue One, which I’m alright with. Still would love to see Dash Rendar or Kyle return to the Star Wars universe…

As tempting as it is to snag this on Steam, I’ll more than likely grab it for the ole Switch, just to have the portability and freedom to play wherever I want. Is this an amazing game? No, a doom clone with some new tricks, but its the license that helps elevate it up. Does that still make it any less fun? Nope! This will be great to revisit thru my rose-colored glasses powered by nostalgia.

In a few weeks, it will be time to take down some Dark Troopers once  again.

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