Lucas and I are well underway with my newest brew.  Expect a full write-up afterwards but we are fully expecting some delicious results.

Brewing FTW!


    • Here are the scratch notes I have saved (all ingredients):

      6.6lbs dark syrup malt
      3lbs dark DME
      1/4lb black patent
      1/2lb crystal
      1/4lb chocolate malt
      1/2lb roasted barley
      1lb Dark Brown Sugar
      1oz Challenger hops (60min boil)
      1oz Cascade hops (30min boil)
      1oz Cascade hops (15min boil)
      1/4tsp Irish moss
      Irish ale yeast (White Labs) or equivalent

      Still need to break into AG, planning to snag a 3 gallon carboy so I can do partial BIAB batches.

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