Why does this page exist?  What am I doing on this slice of webspace?

I’ve often wanted to have some form of creative outlet.  A space that I could control.  Something that would satisfy my desire to create, to share, and to voice my opinion.  Those are just a few of my intentions for this site.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an extremely opinionated person, but I do feel that I have a rather unique perspective on life that allows my opinion to be extremely interesting.  I want to talk about games, not just the games themselves, but the experiences they create. The feelings they evoke and the messages they deliver.  I want to talk about beer.  It’s a fascinating beverage.  Craft beer, beer, homebrewing, and so on, and so on.  All great subjects that I want to delve into.

Finally, you’ll have to hear about me.  Sorry.  It’s my site.  It’s going to happen.

I’ve had the ideas and desires for this page in my head for so long.  I just never had the motivation to get on with it.  Would I have enough time?  Could I deliver content?  Who cares?!  Just do it.  And that is what I am really doing here.  I can’t tell you what completely to expect and I’m ok with that as long as you enjoy it enough to keep coming back.  I’m writing for myself over anyone else and that is really the audience that matters.


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