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Jason here.  As you probably DID NOT hear, on Episode 100…  My wife and I decided to transform our diets and really our bodies, by doing a 21-day detox program.  I was incredibly skeptic at first.  In the past I would just laugh this off.  I can’t eat that way.  I don’t want to change my lifestyle.  It’s too expensive…  So many excuses.  So many ways to talk myself out of trying.  I’m on day 5 now and  I feel fantastic!  What pushed me over the edge?  The scale.

I can’t say that I have ever been happy with my body.  Who honestly is?  We are bombarded with “ideal body shapes” in all sorts of media and it really creates this image in your head that you think you HAVE to be at.  I’ve worked out, I’ve dieted, but I’ve only just maintained the weight I was already at.  Usually, I would justify what I was eating, because I was working out 4-5 days a week.  I had the “break even” mentality going on.  Finally after doing some horrible eating this most recent holiday season, I was the heaviest I’ve been in quite some time.  185 lbs.  I was not happy with this and new it was time to make a change.

With the support of my wife Jessica, we slowly began to change the way we eat.  High sugar foods were out.  Only whole grains went in.  I made a strict focus to reduce my portion size.  Positive steps that did make an impact on me.  If I made turkey burgers, I would not starve to death if I only ate one!  A larger side of vegetables and smart choices.  I was able to lose 5 lbs, but then the yo-yo’ing began and frustration sat in.  That is the brick wall that I could just never break through, then Jess brought up this whole cleanse idea.  Finally I was mature enough and ready to challenge myself to make a change.  We had already started to change our diet so no real other prep work was needed.  After a nice pizza-binge (my first in nearly a month) over the weekend, we were ready to go.

Rather than break day each day, I’m just going to give you an overall recap of my current diet and my feelings.  Currently, I am drinking 2-3 smoothies a day.  These consist of flax oil, the programs protein/nutrient mix, various fruits or veggies, and water.  I can mix up the variety and they haven’t gotten old.  I typically have one for breakfast and after lunch.  I usually not hungry enough to have a third.  We are strictly eating only vegetables until day 11.  This is where you need to plan ahead and find some all veggie meals that you can make.  Luckily, program as some great recipes that you can throw together.  I’ve been having a salad or soup for lunch and snacking on various fruits or raw vegetables.  Think of apples, snow peas, peppers, avocado, so many options you can roll with here.  Oh, I forgot, no caffeine or alcohol during this process as well.  Battle of the Beer is on hold, check our latest “half” episode for more details.  By the end of day 1, I was exhausted.  My body was adjusting to processing this new diet.  Processing the beginning of the cleanse.  I wasn’t relying on sugar and caffeine for energy.  I felt a bit horrid.

Day 2 was a step in the right direction, and by now, day 5…  I feel great!  I’m not fuzzy in the morning.  I don’t have the “afternoon yawns.”  Just sustained energy.  I feel lighter in a sense, more alert.  My wife has noticed a change in her complexion, and we both just feel…better.  Since I decided to eat better, I’ve lost 10 lbs in total!  I’m only 5 away from my goal and would be thrilled to lose an additional 2 or more.  Has it been easy to change my habits?  No.  Do I miss pizza, or cheese, or almonds?  Hell yes.  Day 11, meats/proteins come back into our diet and I will definitely have a steak!  However, when this is all said and done, I can continue to eat this way.  Not completely 100% vegetable focused, but definitely something similar.  If you can hold yourself accountable and take 10 pills (detox and fiber) 3x a day, you can do this!  Challenge a loved one to change with you.  Their support is something you will definitely need.  Many thanks go out to my wife, without her, there is no way I would be able to achieve these results.

Look for another update from me after steak day!


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