Your social media feed has probably already beaten this topic into your skull enough today, but iOS 7 launched to the public.  Apple’s new mobile operating system hit the eastern portion of North America around 1pm today with a couple headaches, mostly sever related.  I was lucky enough to get my upgrade taken care of via WiFi this afternoon.  As of writing this post, I’m having severe issues trying to upgrade my wife’s phone.  My guess is things will be better tomorrow once the server strain has been relieved.   I’ve had some limited time with the phone, so I won’t be going into great detail, but let me share a little about it.

The worst part of the upgrade process to iOS 7 for me, was losing my jailbreak.  Specifically, losing the folders and app placement/organization between my screens.  It probably took me 15-20 minutes to move all of the apps to their proper sections and adjust the screens layout to my liking.  The good news?  A lot of the functionality that I had with my jailbreak has been implemented into this software upgrade.  I’m running iOS 7 on a iPhone 4S and have yet to have any “major” issues.  The phone seems snappy enough for the age of it and my apps seem to be functional.  I’ve been trying my collection of most-used apps: social media, music, navigation; all are running fluidly.  With that said, let me point out some of my favorite features.

Control Center

Everything that you would want quick access to is simply a thumb/finger swipe away. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you have this:

  • Mode toggle, Crontrol_Center_screenincluding Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Brightness control.
  • Easy calculator access.

It’s nice to be able to access these functions so easily.  A quick tip to mention, in your settings for control center, you can disable access for when you are inside an app.  A good way to prevent a huge RAGE eruption when you are about to finally complete that level of Candy Crush that has been taunting you, only to activate the control center and destroy your progress.


App Switcher/Killer

Apple has also improved this feature inside of iOS 7.  You will now see a preview of the app and to terminate it, simply flick it towards the top of the screen. It’s simple.  It’s clean.


It’s easy to use.  That’s a win-win-win situation.  Another tweak that I was using on my jailbreak that I really enjoyed.  I don’t want to see you walking around with every app open in the background.  I won’t name names, but if you are reading this, then yes, I probably mean you.




The camera interface has completely changed.  Users can switch between standard, box, and video mode right inside the application.  There are also some basic filters added a la Instagram to tweak your shots.  The actual camera itself though is what I am most pleased with.  To me, it feels like the camera performance is, well, snappier.  My wife and I walked around Art Prize in Grand Rapids this evening, taking many pictures.  There seemed to be extremely less processing time after each photo.  This makes it extremely easy to capture multiple shots and really nail the one you want.  Case in point?  Fire.


So if you were on the fence about upgrading, just go for it.  Just like any other major overhaul, it will take some time, but you will make the adjustment and love it.  Eventually you can be at peace with your new and improved OS version.  Now I haven’t really pushed the phone to it’s limits yet, but if I encounter anything that completely breaks the update, I will revise this post.


Do you have your update up and running?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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