This trailer doesn’t reveal much of the game, Gigantic, but just take a moment to appreciate the style.  It looks gorgeous.  It may just be that I’m fully immersed in playing Wind Waker HD on Wii U right now, but damn…  I love it.

It should be an interesting spin on the whole MOBA, co-op, 3rd person games that are out there right now.  This one seems to be focused on territory control, at least from the gameplay that I have been able to watch so far.  I’m really hoping to get into the Alpha.  So that will mean more media to share along with more impressions of greatness.  If like me, you are hooked on Gigantic, you can find the main site here – and I would also suggest visiting this sub on

Also of note, Lexxy, who you may remember for Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, works for Motiga,  the studio behind the game, and that is what really helped my stumble across the announcement.  I’ve been following what she, Katie, and Tavis have been up to since the competition, and I really recommend you spending some time with their respective strips.

Tenko King – If you like Zelda, you will love this comic.  The story is still getting started, but you know the young hero is prime for some awesome adventure.

Camp Weedonwantcha – The story of a camp of children abandoned and on their own.  Apparently there is a cat hidden in one of the panels from each posting.  I’ve yet to find one….

I will most likely babble about this a bit on our next episode, so consider this post your warning!



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