Top3 Boss Fights

"Focus" is returning to Fluxtaposed.  You may have noticed a slight format change ever since episode 100.  We explored a route of pure "off the cuff" style and free-flowing conversation.  While we feel that this is a staple of what truly is Fluxtaposed, we wanted to offer a bit more to you, the listener.  While we have never considered ourselves to be a podcast strictly focused on gaming, it is near and dear to hearts and a huge portion of our weekly conversations.   Sprinkled into the off-Netflixation episodes of the show, we are bringing you themed conversations.  A great chance for you listeners to provide input/feedback and to generally feel more involved with what is going on.  Typically, you won't know what to expect from week to week.  That isn't entirely going away, we are just adding a bit more to it.  Coming to you next week in Episode 112, we bring you:

A Fluxtaposed Top 3: Rage-Inducing, Controller-Throwing, Boss Fights!

Lucas and myself will dig deep into our gaming memories to bring you tales from the dark recesses of our personal despair.  Those horrible, horrible encounters that were just cruel and left us extremely salty.  We will compile these tales of sorrow and discuss them on the show for your listening pleasure.

That's where you come in mighty listener.  

We want to hear your horror stories as well!  E-mail the show, tweet, Facebook, we don't care how you do it, just get it done!  Just get those tales over to us by Monday at the latest so we can have them for the episode.  We can't wait to talk about this and hope you feel the same. We've placed easy contact links at the bottom of this post just to make it easy for you! <3

Until next time you Fluxtataters!



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