It's back to business with this episode folks, it's Fluxtaposed Classic! Everything your body needs for a full day of entertainment. Okay maybe not a full day, cause that would be like, a sixteen hour podcast, but at least an hour of your day? Maybe? Look, they can't all be winners okay? Just listen to it already! Oh, and this goes without saying, but: Watch Stranger Things! We kind of liked it.

In Real Life (IRL)


Jason does a little toolin' around on the ole PC.

Lucas gets contacts to wear luchadore masks, and becomes a cawfee snahb.




OC Remix

News of the Week


Top: Blossom Tales is basically Zelda: A Link to the Past - Kotaku

RU: You can kill Gary Busey - Destructoid



Top: Star Wars news to recap from celebration

RU: Game of Thrones seven episodes and doesn’t start till summer - Ain’t It Cool



Top: Apple Jump Rope - The Verge


Next time....on Netflixation...we are watching "Ironclad".  Knights and swords and all of that good stuff!

Here's a trailer!


Grab Bag


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