We're back from our holiday break and this week we bring a special guest interview, Jonathon Gilmour!  He makes awesome board/tabletop games.  Don't want to bore you with details but hey we even manage to fit in an OC Remix and Netflixation.  Strap in folks, this one is a doozy!

In Real Life (IRL)

Lucas turns 30 and celebrates by building a fence.

Jason's family had a bit of a health scare, but everything is A-OK.




OC Remix


We finally get to talk about "Hush".   It's scary!  You should watch it too!

Next time....on Netflixation...we are watching "Ironclad".  Knights and swords and all of that good stuff!

Here's a trailer!


Grab Bag

We received some Netflixation feedback to share, it was epic and excellent at the same time!  Hope you enjoyed your time away from us, but we are back!

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