Hello friends! You may have heard me talk about the Mad Max game on the most recent episode of our podcast, episode 111. I was able to snag this great game by signing up for Humble Bundle's monthly subscription service. Basically, think of loot crate, but instead of silly bobble heads and t-shirts, you get six games, from AAA products like Mad Max or Alien: Isolation, to indie games like Nuclear Throne or Titan Souls.

I got Mad Max for much cheaper than any sale recently and have five new games waiting to arrive at the beginning of next month. Whether or not I will continue the subscription is irrelevant, since you can cancel any time, and you get to keep the games you paid for. Just click on Mr. Max over there and it will take you to the Humble Bundle subscription page I'm talkin' about. 

I should probably mention that in no way am I, or the show, getting paid or anything for this, I just want to share the gaming love to you fine people!

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