Alright gang, here we go.

The Details

Frag Night will be going down next week.  Because the availability is slightly split, I am going to be running two sessions.  Round one will be on Thursday, 6/19, starting at 9pm, ending TBD.  You can find me on Quake Live as fluxay, but I will begin adding friends to my list (I have not yet done so).

For those interested, I do have a mumble server for voice chat, but this is in no way a requirement or necessary.

For the Sunday session, I’m going to leave the time a little more open perhaps starting at 10pm.  I know many people will be watching Game of Thrones that evening so I would hate for you to miss the season finale.

Hope to see you all on Thursday and happy fragging.  Oh, by the way, if you have anyone else that would like to come along, have them sign up!  Oh, I suppose for them to listen to the show as well….


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