Episode 150 – Dong Sliders

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We've set the entertainment slider to MAXIMUM on this episode of Fluxtaposed, featuring IRL, Whatchuplayin'?, Fluxtaposed Plays, OC Remix, and CBG. 

In Real Life (IRL)

Lucas - Changing Oils

Jason - Baby Shower, Zeldafied Office



  • Grand Tour Ep. 7-8
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • Batman: Arkham Origins - Completed
  • Wells PSVG
  • Conan Exiles PSVG



  • Alwa’s Awakening
  • Awesomenauts - new naut for me - Jimmy
  • The Killing - S1 - completed
  • Stranger Things S2 Trailer!

OC Remix

Fluxtaposed Plays

Fluxtaposed Plays: The Dig - Part 2 - Exploring the Ancient Tunnels

Low, Brink, and Robbins investigate the tunnels and discover an odd artifact which prompts Low to reveal his secret objective, to report on any signs of alien life. The team stumbles upon tunnel access inside of the asteroid only to learn the entire object is hollow. The metal plates they were manipulating connect to an alter activating Atilla’s true purpose. Faster than light galactic travel!

Our astronauts find themselves on a strange alien surface with a breathable atmosphere and decide it is best to explore. The team discovers a crash site, grave and even a possible form sentient life itself!  After being lead to a specific dig site, Brink falls to his death and the remaining team members decide to split up to explore…. butts


  • Impressions
  • Puzzle Complexity
  • Ambiance

The Dig - Part 3 - Give Me Da Powah!


Grab Bag

Josh - Noyse - Brown @TheNoyse


@jwlacy @fluxtaposed ... please tell me you didn't just say "Or-a-gone"?!


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@fluxtaposed did I miss the next Netflixation on the new episode? Was I too busy basking in my Friends Forever dedication?


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All caught up on Ep 149 of @fluxtaposed
80's Montage music Docket mention
Awkward Finish Milkshakes drank


Kevin Austin @PSVGKevin

if you had to work for a fast food restaurant (PT) but be only paid in food (one item from the menu). What establishment would you work in and what item would you be paid in?


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@fluxtaposed what will it take to make Jason buy a switch?

Thanks for pushing it to the limit!