Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update on how the 21-day program is going.  No complaints and this is the final week!  It was great being able to add meat back into the diet, it just made everything easier.  If you’ve come this far though, it’s really all downhill, that’s what I keep telling myself at least.  My wife tells me that I look slimmer.  I obviously don’t think so, but I don’t have any bloated feelings.  So I guess I do feel better in that regards.  Otherwise, all of the other benefits are still there.  My energy is up and I still feel great.  Now it’s time to get everything finalized to keep this clean trend going, once the whole process is over.  Plan the steps to success, right?

I do have one odd craving though, and that’s coffee….  Man do I miss the taste.  So that’s the toss-up, which will be my first?  Coffee or beer?!



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