Bold Socks

Need a new pair of socks?  Check out this awesome pair of Nintendo themed controller socks over at!


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Episode 77

Here’s your overview for episode 77!


Lucas – SotM: Wrath of the Cosmos, Coup, Mad Men S2, SR: Night’s Pawn

Jason – Rocket League, Starfox 64 3D, Splatoon, Devil, Witness, Columbus Circle, Shattered Empire

The News: According to Us

Force Awakens: TOYS – Gamespot

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Madden, The Movie

I haven’t purchased let alone play a Madden game in a few years.  Either way, you have to admit that they are going big with this commercial for Madden 16…

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Birthday Boy

Episode 76


Lucas – The Witcher, Streets of Blood, The Stanford Prison Experiment, The Hobbit: Five Armies, Sushi Go!

Jason – Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Splatoon (Rainmaker mode), Star Fox 64 3D, Age of Ultron, It Follows

Star Wars at D23IGN










  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    1. D23 Variant Poster
    2. Harrison Ford on stage
    3. Costumes and props on display
  2. Star Wars: Episode 9
    1. Jurassic World’s director Colin Trevorrow will direct
  3. Star Wars Antohology: Rogue One
    1. Cast List and First Photo
  4. Star Wars Theme Parks
    1. Coming to Disneyland and Disney World
    2. Every store and restaurant will be run by characters and locals
    3. Two major attractions, one of which has you riding the Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission
    4. Over 14 acres each
  5. Darth Vader themed PS4 – IGN
  6. Star Wars Battlefront, Disney Infinity 3.0 Force Awakens Set and Twilight of the Republic

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OC Remix is up to Date

Hey everyone!

Just a quick blurb that our Overclocked Remix YouTube Playlist is current and up-to-date with last weeks show.  If you’ve never checked it out, here ya go!

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Speed Run II

Episode 75

Hey gang, episode 75, Speed Run II is posted for your listening pleasure. Will put show notes up when Jason is back from vacation.

Thanks for listening!


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Vault of Midnight

No show notes this week to go along with the episode.  Just give it a listen!  Thanks!

Click here.

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Full Frontal Streaming

Episode 73

Hey yo….Fluxtaposed….podcast time…that’s fun…lets go.  Sing that in your head, it kind of rhymes…. But anyway….


Lucas – Batman: Arkham City, Kingsman: The Secret Service, It Follows

Jason – X-Files, Wind Waker, SkySaga, Trove

The News: According to Us


Batman Costumes – Polygon

Female avatars in Rust – Destructoid

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Mumble Jumble

Episode 72

Another week….another episode….another round of show notes!


Lucas – Dark Souls, Orange is the New Black S3 (Episodes 1-5), Space Dandy, Now You See Me

Jason – Borderlands 2, Hell on Wheels, Batman animated series

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Near the Knuckle

Episode 71


Graham, thanks for coming on.  We had a blast and you did great!


Lucas – Sleeping Dogs, In Fear

Jason – Splatoon – splatfest, Star Wars – THE ALPHA, The Imitation Game, The Judge

Graham – witcher 3, dying light, batman & fibbage. Various android phone trash, also played grim fandango on the vita

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