Game Night With Hawken

Tonight is the night, we are playing another Fluxtaposed Game Night!  The selected game for this latest installment is the free-to-play, mech, FPS, Hawken!

headerPrepare for frantic action as we blow each other up in giant machines of destruction!  Hawken has a co-op mode along with DM, TDM, and siege.  Suite up with Lucas and myself and it will be a blast.  Hawken is on Steam so just get it installed and give us a shout if you want to hop in for a few rounds.  Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield pilots!



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Insert Coin to Start

The seasons change, the temperatures fluctuate, but this podcast….this podcast keeps on rolling! If you are ever interest in exploring the options that the no contract phone lifestyle offers, a great resource can be found on reddit.


Headlines were not much of something we paid attention to this week.  The new iPhone and the confirmed sale of Mojang to Microsoft are really 2 headlines that stand out.  There isn’t really any one article to follow here.

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Console Wars

There isn’t much content to go along with this weeks show.  Read Console Wars and listen to our interview with Blake J Harris.  Those are your instructions.

Musical Selection

Our musical selection for this weeks show is ‘Electro Killer 6000′ by zircon.  Check the details here. (



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Updates on the Horizon

Hello everyone, I hope your Wednesday is treating you well.  I just wanted to take a quick moment to post about some changes coming to the show.  These updates are intended to make it better for everyone, so don’t worry about these changes.


We are going to revamp the site a little bit, starting with a stock homepage.  The navagation is a little confusing right now.  We are all for making links to find and subscribe to the show a little easier.


We will be making slight format updates to the show itself.  Some reoccuring themed content, trimming in other areas, basically good things.

We will also be moving up the release date to Tuesday with some changes in our editing process so that it will be consistantly released on a Tuesday.  It can be hard to listen to a podcast when you are trying to cram as much life into your weekend as possible.  Giving you the show a day earlier, we hope you get the chance to listen during the week.

Thank You

Thank you for any feedback, praise, and encouragement you may have offered to us during the shows short, current life-span.  Lucas and I really enjoy putting this together every week and it is well beyond our longest running project to date.  We are looking forward to future colaboration with True Myth Media and other exciting idea along the way.  So again, thank you for helping to support and enjoy this small community here.  We can’t wait to grow it with you.

If you don’t already, please follow the show on Twitter, @fluxtaposed.  Contact us here on the site, on social media, or by media if need ever be.  We love to here from you!

PS Don’t forget to vote for game night,

That’s it!  Stay beautiful!


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Jason Hates Godzilla

The title, Jason Hates Godzilla, can be a little deceiving, but you’ll have to listen in order to find out why.  I’m not filling very witty at the moment, so you’ll have to settle for a bare bones approach to this post today.

The News

We didn’t want to go as in depth with PAX like we did for E3, here are just a few of the headlines that caught our interest.


Mortal Kombat has icky fatalities.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell announced.

The Order: 1886 sucky gameplay?

Super Meat Boy: Forever

Might No. 9 Beta

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On Monday of this week, we finally got to sit down and play Dead of Winter.  It did not disappoint.  Give our impressions a listen and if you’ve played the game as well, definitely, definitely let us know what you think.

We were inspired to have a somewhat creative intro, and we call it, Zombiecicles…


Seriously though, if you like zombies and board games, you’ll love this one.  Can’t wait until we have enough time into it that we can give you a formal review.  Until then, let’s break down this weeks show.

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This weeks show couldn’t be more properly titled.  It doesn’t matter when a session starts, but Awesomenauts completely prevents a quality amount of sleep from happening.  It was only fitting that it should be featured as an intro for this weeks episode and it be called Insominauts.  If you’d like to check out the game for yourself, it’s availabe on PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, Linux, Mac, and Windows via Steam.


Dead of Winter!  Definitely check this game out and the other quality products from Plaid Hat Games.  Find their site here.



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Awesomenauts Teaser

Eager to see what we come up with for our next intro?

Well here you go, have some Awesomenauts!

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Get Your Companion On!

Man, time is just flying by, we are nearly halfway thru August already.  Almost to that 25 mark already!

First off, many thanks needs to be given to the current darling of the internet, Noah Ritter, the “apparently kid.”


Watch his interview below, if you have not yet seen it.  This kid is gold!

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New Album


Remember when we were still starting out and really struggling to catch our stride?  Yeah I know, not much has changed, but that is not the point!  We had a very brief interview with Inverse Phase that was read on the show.  Well guess what??  He has a new album out and we strongly recommend that you check it out!

That link will direct you over to his bandcamp site.  Give the new tunes a listen and throw some money his way.  It’s some great stuff.

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