A Year of Fluxtaposed

Episode 52

It’s time to celebrate one year of Fluxtaposed!  Grab a beer and party with us!


Lucas – Dragon Age 2 / Inquisition, Black Mirror, Danger 5

Jason – HammerWatch, X-Files, Danger 5

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Jason Plays Star Fox 2

Catch part one of an epic three-part saga.  Jason is all that stands between Corneria and the might of Andross!

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Fluxtaposed Memories

We have hit the one year mark with Fluxtaposed.  We want to hear your favorite Fluxtaposed memories to share doing episode 52.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at it for a year already, but it has been an absolute blast.

Leave us a comment here on the site, an e-mail, or connect with us on social media.  We would absolutely love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for listening and falling down this rabbit hole with myself and Lucas.


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Rayman DLC: FAKE

So a news article that didn’t make the cut this week was about all of the hullabaloo around a possible leak for DLC in Smash Bros containing the character Rayman.  Reddit threads were buzzing and the fans shouted in delight.  Only to have their dreams shattered when it was revealed that this was an elaborate hoax.

The man behind it all shared this detailed video showing exactly how he did it.  The work that went into this is really quite impressive.


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Dishonor by Excrement

You are probably wondering what the hell this title mean?  Don’t worry, it’s from the movie.  Watch it!

Episode 51

Next week marks 1 year of Fluxtaposed episodes.  Excite!


Lucas – Prison Architect, Interstellar Marines, Maleficent, Black Mirror Ep. 1, American Sniper

Jason – SWTOR, Dark XL, Star Wars #2

The News: According to Us


Bio Ware cancels Shadow Realms – Polygon

How short is too short? The Order: 1886 – Destructoid

Meet Playtonic – NintendoLife

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Rated M for Mature

Episode 50

It’s the debut of VIDEO for Fluxtaposed.  Many thanks to Mike for helping out and that is exactly why he was our guest this week.  We used to only be up in your ears, but now we will infect your vision as well!

If you are interested in the GR8Bit Live! kickstarter, check it out right here!

Episodes of the Holocron Council will be made available here on Fluxtaposed and there will be a specific feed for the show as well. If you would like up to date news, I highly suggest following the crew on twitter!


Lucas – Outlast, FIFA 14, Under the Skin

Jason – Captain Toad – DONE, Star Wars Humble Bundle, the Babadook

Mike – Carcassonne, Parks and rec, Brooklyn 99, Ink Master, Black mirror, the Hunt for Red October

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Welcome to Fluxtaposed

Have you checked out our welcome video for our YouTube channel?  We are extremely happy with how it turned out.  Thanks to Mike from True Myth Media for helping out!

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The Holocron Council

Yes…  The rumors are true!

Jason has another podcast in the works that you’ll be able to access right here on Fluxtaposed.  We are proud to bring to you “The Holocron Council”.

So what is this new and wonderful idea?  Well, think of a roundtable discussion “book club” style on the new series of Star Wars that Marvel is putting out.  We expect each episode to run around an hour in length and this will be releasing monthly.  depending on how things go, we may also pick up the Darth Vader and Princess Leia issues as well.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Jason will be joined by one of the hosts of “That’s Entertaining”, Nathan Thomas, and fellow MTTG community member Josh Oakes.  We can’t wait to get started and hope you guys enjoy the podcast.

More details to come and don’t forget to give the show a follow on twitter!

The Holocron Council


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Stories That Didn’t Make the Cut

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a couple of newsworthy pieces that just didn’t make the cut for the last episode.  We still think they are pretty dandy and wanted to share them here on the site.

Every Mario game placed in chronological order. – Polygon

Or you can just watch it via YouTube!

Movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in Feb. – ComingSoon.net

I think it’s more important to note what shows are leaving…  Hit and miss overall, but there are some cool things here.

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A Quick Note on Battle of the Beer

Hey everyone.

Just  a quick note for our “Battle of the Beer” segment this week.  It will be done in VIDEO.  Yes, the faces that were once only suitable for radio are going prime time.

The entire audio portion will still be included on the podcast just like always, but we will now have a video available as well over on the Fluxtaposed YouTube Channel.  Feel free to subscribe so you never miss one of our videos.  Along with “Battle of the Beer” we plan to offer other some gaming streams/highlights and more down the road.

Hope you guys enjoy the change to this monthly segment.



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