This trailer doesn’t reveal much of the game, Gigantic, but just take a moment to appreciate the style.  It looks gorgeous.  It may just be that I’m fully immersed in playing Wind Waker HD on Wii U right now, but damn…  I love it.

It should be an interesting spin on the whole MOBA, co-op, 3rd person games that are out there right now.  This one seems to be focused on territory control, at least from the gameplay that I have been able to watch so far.  I’m really hoping to get into the Alpha.  So that will mean more media to share along with more impressions of greatness.  If like me, you are hooked on Gigantic, you can find the main site here – and I would also suggest visiting this sub on

Also of note, Lexxy, who you may remember for Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, works for Motiga,  the studio behind the game, and that is what really helped my stumble across the announcement.  I’ve been following what she, Katie, and Tavis have been up to since the competition, and I really recommend you spending some time with their respective strips.

Tenko King – If you like Zelda, you will love this comic.  The story is still getting started, but you know the young hero is prime for some awesome adventure.

Camp Weedonwantcha – The story of a camp of children abandoned and on their own.  Apparently there is a cat hidden in one of the panels from each posting.  I’ve yet to find one….

I will most likely babble about this a bit on our next episode, so consider this post your warning!


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An Update on Episode 20

So after a crazy past week, we had to change up our entire production schedule.  We took last week off instead of this week, and FINALLY recorded Episode 20 last night.  I’m really looking forward to getting this one edited and out on the feed this week as soon as possible.  It’s been a really weird feeling not having an episode relase every week.


Anywho, thanks for being patient and get ready for that episode very soon.

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Episode 20

Just like Ron Paul said: “It’s Happening!”

Holy crapsticks.  Tonight we are recording Episode 20 for this podcast.  For once, when Lucas and I started attempted to start a “project”, we actually made it happen.  20 straight weeks of nonsense, bad news, and slapstick.  It’s been an interested process growing and creating this show and I really look forward to what the next 20 episodes will bring.  I would like to occasionally incorporate a possible video feed and/or live shows into our routine.  Expect game nights to continue and other way to get you, the community, the listeners involved in the show.

Thanks for lending us your ears and your time, I’ve said it before, but it is greatly appreciated.  Just a reminder, we will not be recording an episode next week.  It’s time for a little podcast vacation.  Have a great Thursday. Get ready for Episode 20!

Hooray Episode 20.


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Dramatic Mario Kart Finish

I’m still largely a n00b when it comes to Mario Kart 8, but I’m learning.  I’m also a n00b when it comes to a Wii U, so I had to play around with some of the features, including YouTube sharing.

Here’s a dramatic finish that took place when I simply wanted to block Baby Mario from passing me.  Apparently Luigi only races in one mode.  Ruthless.

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Game Night

It’s time to decided on a game for our next game night.  Due to issues with Survey Monkey, I’ve decided to remake the poll back in google docs.  Please resubmit your choice if you had already done so.  I will not be carrying over the results.


We will see you on the battlefield!

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Have a Companion Post With Your Fluffernutter

First off, thank you Rob and Dave for your support, contributions, and gifts to the show.  Lucas and I really appreciate it.  Also, thanks for naming this weeks show!

We had some issues recording this week and then with our sever once things were finished up.  Sorry for the production delay.  Hopefully we can throw something special together for episode 20, but we will see how the week progresses.  Let’s get this companion post going!


Lucas – Divine Divinity, Titan Attack (thanks Dave @robopig), more Mass Effect, Captain America Winter Soldat, Noah, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, Are All Men Pedophiles?

Jason – MARIO KART, Awesomenauts, Titan Attack

The News

Cell phone searches.


Nintendo elections, Iwata still in.

Amazon Fire Phone.

Google I/O – like I said, do a search on this.  We did a poopy job of detailing it proper.

Aereo ruled in violation of copyright law.

Are you “hardcore” enough to test a Razer smartband?

Age of Extinction, probably a rental.

More of Mighty No 9.

People who look cool wearing Google Glass.  DEFINITELY CLICK ON THIS!

Steam hits 8 million users.

New addition to Founders standard line-up.


For next week, we will be watching – A Fantastic Fear of Everything | Indie Comedy.

Fantastic Fear of Everything

While researching a book on Victorian-era murderers, author Jack Nife comes to fear they’re really stalking him and grows agoraphobic.

We’ve had good luck in the past with indie comedies, let’s keep it rollin’!

Community Grab Bag

We had some more great content come in from Dave and Rob this episode.  Thanks for contributing.  We also would like to recommend anyone to pick up Titan Attacks on steam.  It’s a basic arcade shooter that is really a fancier version of Space Invaders.  There has been a “friendly” rivalry on Twitter taking place with scoreboard sharing.  You know you want to jump in.

Titan Attacks

Thanks everyone for listening.  Jump in the conversation for next week, that is my challenge for you!  Will you accept it and rise above it though?  That is the question!


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Check out this entertaining YouTube treat.  It’s just about every Hoth level from Star Wars gaming history.


Revel in the Star Wars games of yesteryear!


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Beware of Demon Spiders

Nobody likes spiders.  Especially the demonic kind.  Stay away from them. I repeat, stay away from demon spiders.


Lucas - Mass Effect, Steam Summer Sale MADNESS (dragon age and all DLC, Darksiders 1 and 2, Enslaved), gaming computer build, Scriptnotes podcast

Jason – Torchlight 2, Awesomenauts, Papers Please, Evoland, Prisoners, Year of the Living Dead

The News

The Machine

Nintendo loses lawsuit to Philips.

Back to the Future mind blown.

Behold, the many faces of Porkins.

detective top men Porkins


You’ll have to listen to the show to hear our thoughts on Extracted.  For episode 19, we will be watching Donnie Brosco.  Let us all swoon over Johnny Depp.

It’s “a killer gangster picture”!

Community Grab Bag

Thanks to everyone who played in our first game night, which turned into Frag Night.  Thank you for listening to this show and motivating us to keep pushing for more creative and entertaining content.  Rob, you keep on serving up great questions, keep it up!  Dave, thanks for all your help and ideas.

Hope you all enjoy this episode, come back for the next.


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Next Game Night

Make your voice heard!

Vote here – - for the next game to be played during our next Fluxtaposed sponsored Game Night!





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E-Thrice Companion Post

Here you go, yet another companion post!

Episode 17 was all video games, all E3.  Man there was a large chunk of content we stumbled through, but it was enjoyable to talk about all the exciting things coming down the pipeline.  Hell, I never thought I would be on the verge of buying a Wii U…  Just wait unti I share pictures of the change jar!


Lucas – Batman : Arkham Origins, Mass Effect replay

Jason – Hawken, Quake Live, Star Fox 64, X-men: Days of Future Past, Console Wars


Due to the number of things we talked about, I will not be posting individual links.  Hopefully, our blabber sparked your interest on a few games, and you will check them out.  I will post some of the top trailers from each presentation though!










For the next show, we will be watching Extracted, and indie sci-fi/thriller.



Looking forward to jumping back into the world of science fiction.

Community Grab Bag

Thanks to @paulo_vgha, @SuperLobster06, and @Owl8bit for jumping in.  Mike, we better see you during Thursday’s Frag Night!  Great reminder, Thursday is the first Fluxtaposed Frag Night, in which we will be playing Quake Live.  Its your last chance to jump in, so get after it.


See everyone next week, have a great one!

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