Star Wars: Battlefront II – PC


Hey everybody, Jason here, and I’m working on getting a little game night going for Star Wars: Battlefront II!

I’m thinking that we might try to get a little impromptu session this weekend, but would have the formal event going next week maybe Wed or Thu evening?  If you are unfamiliar with the game, it’s a first/third-person shooter with some Battlefield elements set in the Star Wars universe.  If you were lucky enough to jump into the Star Wars Humble Bundle that went down, you should have a copy, otherwise it is available on Steam for $9.99.

Hit us up on twitter or here on the site and let us know if you are interested.


This post will be updated with more information and links for downloads needed as we go.

To get online functionality going now that the Gamespy servers have been shutdown, download this script(dropbox link).  Simply run it as an administrator, follow the prompts, and you will be good to go.

As for mods, I ended up installing SW: Battlefront II Ultimate Pack 3.2.1 which brings additional maps, game modes, and some HD textures to the game.  It’s a 5GB download which will add nearly 19GB to your BFII directory just to warn you.  It will not be necessary for you to play online with us though as we will just be connecting to an empty server.

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Do It

Episode 56

So you might be wondering, where does the name come from this week?  Here you go, thanks Game Grumps.

So onto the show:


Lucas – Lucy, Gone Girl Liked it!

Jason – Hawken, GW2, Awesomenauts

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Speed Run

Episode 55

It’s episode 55!  Here about our perils and troubles of everyday life, plus vidja games and more!


Lucas – Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, Game of Thrones, Marvel Star Wars

Jason – Guild Wars 2, Blue Jasmine, Neighbors, The Forgotten, Cropsey, Tarkin

The News: According to Us


Unreal Tournament gets High-Res – PC Gamer

Shovel Knight gets an expansion – PC Gamer

Valve announces Source 2 – Polygon

Gigantic & Windows 10 – Destructoid

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Episode 54

Cap’n Mike M from Gamers in Beta joins us this week for some PAX discussion.  Heck he even got down on Netflixation.  Thanks for joining the party!  Did he survive the PAX Pox?  Here’s your show notes:


Lucas – Dragon Age: Inquisition, Drinking Buddies, The Giver, The Maze Runner, The Rosie Project

Jason – WOLFENSTEIN: The New Order, Guild Wars 2, Tarkin purchased, Dirty Bomb

Mike – Dying Light, A Druid’s Duel

Battle of the Beer

Here’s the video for Battle of the Beer:

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Live Long and Prosper

Episode 53

Feast your eyes on the show notes for our latest episode.  Boldly go, where no man….has gone before…. Or woman for that matter!


Lucas – Edge of Tomorrow, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Night Circus

Jason – Chef, In a World, 1408, Earthbound, LTTP, HotS 5-0 streak wooo (want to mention Star Wars Rebels finale)

The News: According to US

Leonard Nimoy, dies at age 83. – The New York Times

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A Year of Fluxtaposed

Episode 52

It’s time to celebrate one year of Fluxtaposed!  Grab a beer and party with us!


Lucas – Dragon Age 2 / Inquisition, Black Mirror, Danger 5

Jason – HammerWatch, X-Files, Danger 5

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Jason Plays Star Fox 2

Catch part one of an epic three-part saga.  Jason is all that stands between Corneria and the might of Andross!

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Fluxtaposed Memories

We have hit the one year mark with Fluxtaposed.  We want to hear your favorite Fluxtaposed memories to share doing episode 52.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at it for a year already, but it has been an absolute blast.

Leave us a comment here on the site, an e-mail, or connect with us on social media.  We would absolutely love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for listening and falling down this rabbit hole with myself and Lucas.


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Rayman DLC: FAKE

So a news article that didn’t make the cut this week was about all of the hullabaloo around a possible leak for DLC in Smash Bros containing the character Rayman.  Reddit threads were buzzing and the fans shouted in delight.  Only to have their dreams shattered when it was revealed that this was an elaborate hoax.

The man behind it all shared this detailed video showing exactly how he did it.  The work that went into this is really quite impressive.


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Dishonor by Excrement

You are probably wondering what the hell this title mean?  Don’t worry, it’s from the movie.  Watch it!

Episode 51

Next week marks 1 year of Fluxtaposed episodes.  Excite!


Lucas – Prison Architect, Interstellar Marines, Maleficent, Black Mirror Ep. 1, American Sniper

Jason – SWTOR, Dark XL, Star Wars #2

The News: According to Us


Bio Ware cancels Shadow Realms – Polygon

How short is too short? The Order: 1886 – Destructoid

Meet Playtonic – NintendoLife

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