Netflixation: Episode 03 – Honeymoon

Episode 3

Honeymoon kicks off our Horror Movie Month, and boy oh boy, this one sure has some interesting moments to talk about! I do have to apologize for the audio quality, we were having some technical issues, but it’s still manageable, so check it out here!

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Same Old Lions

Episode 83

We powered through a quick show this week to get ready for Monday Night Football… ugh….


Lucas – WWE 2K15, Far Cry 3, The Book of Life, Predestination, Exporting Raymond

Jason – The Perils of PC Gaming, How to Get Away With Murder, Insomnia

The News: According to Us


More proof that Battlefront will make ALL headlines – Gamespot

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Podcasts to Life

Episode 82

Hey everyone!  Our newest episode is posted.  No news again this week as we just had too much other content that there was no way possible for it all to fit!  Here are some fitting links though:

Platform Junkies

Toys for Games

NP3 Productions

Portal Dragon

Don’t forget to listen to our episode HERE or your favorite podcatching device.

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Oji Remix

Episode 81


Newest episode is out!  Bet you can’t guess what is featured this week going from the art!?

It’s best to just check the episode post for all of the details.  You can find that right HERE!


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The Origination


Episode 80

Thanks for listening, here’s episode 80 in post-worthy note-like fashion!


Lucas – The Witcher: EE, Far Cry 3, Lando 1-3

Jason – Star Wars Uprising, Awesomenauts, Ride

The News: According to Us


Nintendo names new president – Ars Technica

Rocket League patch – PC Gamer

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Awesomenauts is on Sale!

You know we love it and if you ever wanted to jump on board, now is the time!  Awesomenauts is currently on sale at the Humble Store for $0.99!  What are you waiting for, it’s the perfect time to buy!


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Fluxtaposed Discord Server

For the hell of a it, we went ahead and made a Discord server.  Feel free to idle away with us, chat, etc etc.

This link will be valid for the next 24 hours –

Just hit up Jason on twitter if you would like another invite link.  See you there!

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Episode 79


Lucas – Dungeon Keeper Gold, Rust, Company of Heroes, The Doors, Banished (with details this week)

Jason – Star Wars: Aftermath, A Walk in the Woods, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

The News: According to Us


Ron Perlman talks Hellboy 3 – Empire

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Holocron Council is Back!

Hey gang!  The Council is back!!

After a HUGE break, another episode of the Holocron Council has been released.  You can find it HERE.

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Jessica Strikes Back

Thanks to Jason’s wife Jessica for filling in this week!

Jessica’s Movies

The Visit

Goodnight Mommy


Lucas – Dungeon Keeper Gold, Rust, Company of Heroes, The Doors

Jason – Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Splatoon Splatfest, Intrusion 2, Tiny Inferno, Pet Sematary, The Village

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