On Monday of this week, we finally got to sit down and play Dead of Winter.  It did not disappoint.  Give our impressions a listen and if you’ve played the game as well, definitely, definitely let us know what you think.

We were inspired to have a somewhat creative intro, and we call it, Zombiecicles…


Seriously though, if you like zombies and board games, you’ll love this one.  Can’t wait until we have enough time into it that we can give you a formal review.  Until then, let’s break down this weeks show.

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This weeks show couldn’t be more properly titled.  It doesn’t matter when a session starts, but Awesomenauts completely prevents a quality amount of sleep from happening.  It was only fitting that it should be featured as an intro for this weeks episode and it be called Insominauts.  If you’d like to check out the game for yourself, it’s availabe on PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, Linux, Mac, and Windows via Steam.


Dead of Winter!  Definitely check this game out and the other quality products from Plaid Hat Games.  Find their site here.



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Awesomenauts Teaser

Eager to see what we come up with for our next intro?

Well here you go, have some Awesomenauts!

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Get Your Companion On!

Man, time is just flying by, we are nearly halfway thru August already.  Almost to that 25 mark already!

First off, many thanks needs to be given to the current darling of the internet, Noah Ritter, the “apparently kid.”


Watch his interview below, if you have not yet seen it.  This kid is gold!

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New Album


Remember when we were still starting out and really struggling to catch our stride?  Yeah I know, not much has changed, but that is not the point!  We had a very brief interview with Inverse Phase that was read on the show.  Well guess what??  He has a new album out and we strongly recommend that you check it out!


That link will direct you over to his bandcamp site.  Give the new tunes a listen and throw some money his way.  It’s some great stuff.

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Companion Post – Ep 23

What a crazy week.  Jason was on vacation for most of it which left Lucas large and in charge of most of the content.  How do you think he did?  Have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy yet?  It’s fantastically amazing!  So dive into this weeks companion post.


The News

Movie theater shows the wrong Guardians film!

Games don’t harm kids?

We can now all be Matt Damon in Elysium.

Bioshock coming to iOS.

Wireless locks might not be so great…

Amazon wants to connect you to your service needs (electrician, plumbing, etc.)

Want to fly like a bird?

Oculus Rift is just a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Directors Cut.

Cell phone unlocking.


*ERROR* — Listen to the episode for details……

Community Grab Bag

Do you have any suggestions for a future Netflixation?  Maybe it’s something that has been in your queue forever or perhaps you just want to punish us with something horrible.  Either way, fire away!

Props to Josh for answering our question regarding a horror movie scenario!

Musical Selection

Our song selection this week comes from one of our favorite side-scrolling beat ‘em ups… Streets of Rage 2!

‘SID of Rage’ by lazygecko (http://ocremix.org)


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Mmmm Mimosas

Another podcast, another name slip-up.  Hey, it created the name for the episode.  I’ll take it!

Since Comic-Con was all the rage this past week, we felt it was only fitting to talk about some of the highlights that we felt are of interest.



Halo: Nightfall

Mad Max: Fury Road


Star Wars Rebels


You’ll have to do a goole hunt for this one.

News and More

“Best” new videogame toys.

Jason David Frank talks new Power Rangers film.

Wonder Woman costume revealed.

Age of Ultron art and props.

Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.


For Episode 23 we will be watching Last Day on Mars.

Get in on the action and join the conversation.

last day on mars

Community Grab Bag

Thank you Rob and Paulo for the great questions this week!  Here’s one for all of you:

What horror movie scenario would you make that didn’t explicitly scream horror movie?

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Get Rue-ral With a Companion Post

Another episode in the bag, another companion post up on the site.  Here’s to helping you understand our nonsense!

Let’s start off by driving home the point, you need to read Console Wars!  We are still working out the details, but we will be sitting down with the author, Blake J Harris in the future to discuss his work in putting this awesome work together.

Console-Wars-Book-960x1450 (1)








Now with that said, let’s get into it!

The News

All the Hoth levels from Star Wars games, almost.

Cliffy B is back.

TSA wants your devices charged.

Maybe Kickstarter isn’t so great after all.

Holy Tango.

Robo Fingers!

JJ, with another ep VII reveal.

Thor is a woman now, black cap, and iron man moves to san fransisco.


The most important thing to take away from our thoughts on Prince Avalanche, is that Paul Rudd kinda looks like Mario.



For our next episode, we will be watching, The City of Lost Children.  Some of the promo images look creepy and it has Ron Perlman in it!  Win!

lost children

With a mad scientist kidnapping children to steal their dreams, only brave young Miette and a kindhearted circus strongman can save them.

Should be something interesting to view, won’t you join us?

Community Grab Bag

We have a couple questions for you this week, I’ll summarize.  What do you think of Netflixation so far?  Do you enjoy the segment?

How have you enjoyed the roundtables?  Would you like to see us break from our standard format more often?


As always, thanks for listening and check back next time for more nonsense from Team Fluxtaposed.



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This trailer doesn’t reveal much of the game, Gigantic, but just take a moment to appreciate the style.  It looks gorgeous.  It may just be that I’m fully immersed in playing Wind Waker HD on Wii U right now, but damn…  I love it.

It should be an interesting spin on the whole MOBA, co-op, 3rd person games that are out there right now.  This one seems to be focused on territory control, at least from the gameplay that I have been able to watch so far.  I’m really hoping to get into the Alpha.  So that will mean more media to share along with more impressions of greatness.  If like me, you are hooked on Gigantic, you can find the main site here – http://www.gogigantic.com and I would also suggest visiting this sub on reddit.com.  http://www.reddit.com/r/gogigantic

Also of note, Lexxy, who you may remember for Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, works for Motiga,  the studio behind the game, and that is what really helped my stumble across the announcement.  I’ve been following what she, Katie, and Tavis have been up to since the competition, and I really recommend you spending some time with their respective strips.

Tenko King – If you like Zelda, you will love this comic.  The story is still getting started, but you know the young hero is prime for some awesome adventure.

Camp Weedonwantcha – The story of a camp of children abandoned and on their own.  Apparently there is a cat hidden in one of the panels from each posting.  I’ve yet to find one….

I will most likely babble about this a bit on our next episode, so consider this post your warning!


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An Update on Episode 20

So after a crazy past week, we had to change up our entire production schedule.  We took last week off instead of this week, and FINALLY recorded Episode 20 last night.  I’m really looking forward to getting this one edited and out on the feed this week as soon as possible.  It’s been a really weird feeling not having an episode relase every week.


Anywho, thanks for being patient and get ready for that episode very soon.

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