Jason’s Body Purification: Days 1-5

Hey Everybody,

Jason here.  As you probably DID NOT hear, on Episode 100…  My wife and I decided to transform our diets and really our bodies, by doing a 21-day detox program.  I was incredibly skeptic at first.  In the past I would just laugh this off.  I can’t eat that way.  I don’t want to change my lifestyle.  It’s too expensive…  So many excuses.  So many ways to talk myself out of trying.  I’m on day 5 now and  I feel fantastic!  What pushed me over the edge?  The scale.

I can’t say that I have ever been happy with my body.  Who honestly is?  We are bombarded with “ideal body shapes” in all sorts of media and it really creates this image in your head that you think you HAVE to be at.  I’ve worked out, I’ve dieted, but I’ve only just maintained the weight I was already at.  Usually, I would justify what I was eating, because I was working out 4-5 days a week.  I had the “break even” mentality going on.  Finally after doing some horrible eating this most recent holiday season, I was the heaviest I’ve been in quite some time.  185 lbs.  I was not happy with this and new it was time to make a change.

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Discover What Happened

With Episode 100 :(

Listen to this update here.

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Get HYPED for Episode 100, by listening to this weeks offering, Episode 99 – Delayed.

As always, we hope you enjoy it, and you can find every episode over on our podcast page.


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BotB #9: Budget Beer

We’re doing something a little different this time! We check out two selections from our local Aldi store. We must be gluttons for punishment…

Your wallet may be the only winner in this awful showdown!

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Episode 100 Date Confirmed

We have confirmed a date.  Episode 100…THE EVENT…will be taking place the last weekend of the month.  Saturday January 30th to be exact.  Mark your calendars!

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Horse Teeth

Another Tuesday, another episode is released for your listening pleasure!

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We are VR

Episode 97

New episode is posted!

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Episode 100

Mere weeks away from our 100th episode of Fluxtaposed!  Keep your eyes on our site and social media channels for further updates.

We will probably have a full live stream episode via twitch or our YouTube <3

More to come…..


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Episode Ninety Six

Episode 96

New episode, up and posted!  Listen away!

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Year’s End

Time to close out 2015.  Our last episode for the year has been posted.


Thank you everyone for listening.

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